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The Award-Winning Thrustcast

Oct 5, 2018

They talk about The Predator, The Catholic Church, and the next movie in the Thrustcast Film Bag Series, Fame

Special guest Bob gives the discussion five stars, the cafeteria scene hits a little too close to home for Cochran, Robb is a pants-in-public kind of guy, and rich people like to dress like slobs,...

Oct 2, 2018

Special guest Bob, Robb, & Cochran select the next movie from the Thrustcast Film Bag.


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Sep 18, 2018

Pour a drink, loosen your pants, and join Robb, Cochran, and special guest Joe in the Thrustcast Lounge for some casual, insouciant conversation. 

#AfterDark, #NightGarden, #UnpopularOpinion, #ShoppingDrama 

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Aug 30, 2018

They talk about A Week in a Day: The Musical, getting rid of birthdays, movie disguises, the Falconer Cocktail Bar, Lebron selling Sprite, Cloondog selling tequila, and A Tale of Two Coreys.

Cochran thought he'd be electrocuted today, Robb issues a product recall notice, and bird insurance ain't...

Aug 16, 2018

They talk about more ride-sharing woes, humanity's greatest inventions, indoor plumbing, Now You See Me 2, and Derren Brown: The Push

Robb is not looking forward to that phone call, Cochran's Uber driver has to drive back to the Not-Sticks, and never ask a gentleman to be a gentleman. 

#InMyCraw, #SoThatsMagic