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The Award-Winning Thrustcast

May 31, 2018

They talk about ball-hangers, floral licences, bakery culture, the Corey Feldman situation, Roseanne's town, and Jim Carey's career. 

Robb is just a ball of energy, Cochran sold his house at a beer festival, and the search is on for Kraft's MCHQ2.

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May 17, 2018

They talk about robot cars, crossing the street, not going to college, lizard people, and the fake moon. 

Cochran is too reality-based now, and Robb reboots Doogie Howser

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May 3, 2018

They talk about Action Jackson.

Special guest Bob would never stop watching any movie that's part of the Prince Extended Universe, Robb thinks that driving your car from one building to the next is related to driving your car through a house, Cochran gets pushed over the fence by Bob, and Carl Weathers tackles a...