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The Award-Winning Thrustcast

Sep 20, 2018

They talk about The Predator, the Catholic Church, and 1980's Fame

Special guest Bob gives the discussion five stars, the cafeteria scene hits a little too close to home for Cochran, Robb is a pants-in-public kind of guy, and rich people like to dress like slobs, too. 

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Sep 13, 2018

Special guest Bob, Robb, & Cochran select the next movie from the Thrustcast Film Bag.

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Sep 6, 2018

They talk about A Week in a Day: The Musical, getting rid of birthdays, movie disguises, the Falconer Cocktail Bar, Lebron selling Sprite, Cloondog selling tequila, and A Tale of Two Coreys.

Cochran thought he'd be electrocuted today, Robb issues a product recall notice, and bird insurance ain't cheap. 

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